19 days…

If there has been one thing on my mind for the last 5 months it has been this:

In 19 days I get to see her…

For two weeks it will feel natural again and then we start the final downhill section of our journey. Soon this long struggle of persuing one another through great distance will be over.

It has been hard, strenuous, good, boring, joyful and exciting all in the same minute and has taught me so many things I had never imagined.

But, I really cant wait for our seperation to be over and to hold her in my arms again.

Sorry if this has been “mushy” but I just needed to let you know that I love this woman.


~ by taylorehanson on July 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “19 days…”

  1. I love that you posted this. Guys need to post things like this more often. 🙂 She is a lucky girl, and I hope you guys have an awesome time!

  2. Good job Tay! You found an amazing woman and not only do you know it…you say it. I like that a lot. And I love you both!

  3. Boy your life will not be the same once the beauty arrives in your space!!! Happy for you and miss you, my friend. Also heard that Carly is a new SPU staff member. I am thrilled! Bless you brother.

  4. I love this one! I hope you had a wonderful time with Carly- what a blessing that trip must have been. I can’t wait until you are home again!

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