What would you give to spend an hour in here?

I have been traveling for a long time and I know that Gods Love follows me where ever I can move to… But, sometimes I wish I could feel at home like I did there.

Remeber the pews? Those beautiful Oak pews, perfectly lathed, perfectly sanded and stained.

Remember the smells of the carpet? Both the old orange stuff and the new blue stuff?

Remember the glass and the glory of that cross… Remember how it shone in the spring when the sun would hit the brick walls of alexander.

Remember the shutters and how they would slam against the can lights in the ceiling?

Remember the tears?

Remember the amount of time?

Remember the discipline?

Remember the love?

and most of all…

Remeber the Grace?




There are places in my life that hold special value for things, (similar to a mecca) for my faith… this is that place. I know God is following me while abroad, I trust that and am so thankful for his provisions, but sometimes I wish it felt like it used to. How it felt with such a great community.

Sometimes I wish I was better at following.

~ by taylorehanson on June 29, 2008.

7 Responses to “Alexander”

  1. Agh, those effing can lights! Good words, Tay.

  2. That little prayer chapel is a good place. One of those “thin places.” I miss Friday mornings there.

  3. that little chapel will always hold a dear place in my heart. so humble, and yet so very powerful.

    you are in my thoughts and prayers brother. remember that he is not just following you, he is at the very core of who you are. it is no longer taylor hanson who lives, but christ who lives in him. i miss you, and i am stoked for the day i get to chill with you once again. keep it easy style.


  4. werd.

  5. exactly.
    i have nothing more to add.
    love you, tay.

  6. I feel you Tay. And can’t you see Buck being the guy doing communion on Friday mornings someday?

  7. Man…I just imagined myself rereading this post in a few months and crying in a ball n the floor of my Vancouver apartment. šŸ™‚ Thanks for teaching me, bro.

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