B-Leauge MVP

When I started work at snow park I got word of an intermural basketball program that has weekly games. After showing interest I was immediately drafted on to a co-workers team sponsored by the local recycling center. We are in the b-league but I figured that I because I am not a serious baller I would rather have a good time than run myself dead once a week.

Well, as it turns out I have become a player who scores an average of 14 points a game and gets maximum play time, always starts and helps the “team leader” with coaching. I’m not the best on the team but I am in the top 3 for sure… needless to say I am having a lot of fun.

Its funny here because American basketball is a VERY popular sport, Anyone who watches sports in NZ watches rugby first, cricket second and the NBA third. However, in general the people who play haven’t spent much time actually learning the game… more like watching kobe, lebron and carmello ball it up and shoot the J

So, an American like me who played freshman high school ball, college intermurals, watches the occasional game on tv, and was taught the big fundamentals like give and go, setting screens, pics and boxing out is basically an all star in the b-leauge.

The essence of this came out tonight when after my game a guy from Austria on the other team came up to me and simply says ” you are too good, my friend.”

I had a big smile on my face and told him thanks… Sometimes I don’t even know how to react when people say I am good at basketball, I mean I have my moments back home where I’m alright but I am no all star.

I guess all I can say is it feels good to be winning some games… and that it feels good to be an MVP.

…even if it is B-League.


~ by taylorehanson on May 27, 2008.

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