10 Items Off the New Zealand Checklist

The past few weeks have been incredible here in NZ. Chris and I have been driving all over the North Island and seeing basically everything there is to see. We arrived on the south Island about a week ago and have been looking for jobs and apartments in the ski-town of WANAKA. We plan on living here during the season. Our game plan is to find some jobs (before all the guys like us who havent shown up yet do), travel the South Island a little bit more and then settle down and start work.

But here’s a bit of what we have been doing in the meantime.

1) Building a Hot Tub in the sand (some may call it a puddle) and proceeding to lay in it as we watched the waves crash on the beach @ hot water beach, coromandel.

1 a.) Bathing in Kerosene Creek river of hot water (about 101 degrees)

2) Zorbing… (this video is kinda weak, its actually a lot faster when we did it) basically as it looks, jumping into a huge plastic bubble, adding water and being rolled down a huge hill.

3) Alpine Luging… go carts that go almost 40 mph down hills on small windy tracks.

4) Catching a duck… check christopher erleys facebook photos.

5) Blackwater Rafting… jumping in an intertube and floating through a LONG series of caves.

6) Witnessing Gloworms in the waitomo caves.

7) Being apart of a drinking bender with a bunch of Locals in Waitomo… no tourists allowed haha.

8 ) Doing the Tongariro Crossing, See Chris’s pictures for more detail.

9) Driving through Mt. Taranaki National Park. Filming location of the Last Samurai

10) Taking the Ferry across Cook Strait… and looking at all the different views along the way.

well, that about sums up the past few weeks… sorry the blogging hasn’t been more regular. As soon as we get a place we will have a regular internet connection and wont have to poach or use cafes. So, with that said my blog entries will become pretty regular.

Much love to all my readers.

~ by taylorehanson on March 22, 2008.

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