New Zealand bits n’ pieces

New Zealand has been great so far and we have had a great time. Here are a little bits and pieces of what daily life is like.

People use words like “sweet as” “heaps” “legendary” and “ya” alllll the tiiiime. it can be quite funny sometimes

shoes are optional in most places they are required in the us. ie Shops, restaurants, department stores and banks.

they are very proud of  their country and aren’t affraid to tell you about it

Auckland basically is like Seattle but on the other side of the world. It rains a lot, its summers are mild, it has a space needle (called the sky tower), and all the cars drive on the wrong side of the road… its quite fascinating really. There are coffee shops on every block and a lot of green friendly people with a capitol hill style roam its streets.

I will keep you posted in further kiwi developments.

~ by taylorehanson on March 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “New Zealand bits n’ pieces”

  1. Friggin amazing! I love checking up on you guys! Every time you post a blog you should post the link on Facebook – Just a little tip from the master-poster 😉

  2. i want to wear no shoes everywhere!

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